Remembrance Great and Small

Next time you start feeling uppity, remember the Ring Nebula. It’s an exploding star that is millions of miles away. Since it is blowing up, it’s expanding. Astronomers can measure these things and say that the Ring Nebula expands at a rate of 43,000 miles an hour. That’s a million miles a day. Can you imagine such a thing? Can you imagine that our universe is so indescribably huge and wonderful (I’m mean, really, how can you describe this with our meager language and understanding?)  It’s amazing and helps me keep my little troubles in perspective.

That’s not to say that our lives and worlds are without meaning. As wonderful as an exploding star is, it’s not nearly as important to me as a sick child or a cup of coffee with my wife. But, sometimes, it’s good to remember that the universe rolls on in mysterious and enormous ways.



What do you think?

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