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The Fork In The Road: Choose Your Strengths

Have you ever had to decide what you're good at? Choose your best self.

I recently had an experience that brought me to the proverbial fork in the road. I was being asked to do something at work. It was something right and necessary and ethical. But it just wasn’t me. It wasn’t that I couldn’t fill the role or mold myself into it. I did. Or, I tried. But the more I wore the hat I was asked to wear, it just didn’t feel right. Nor did it appear genuine to others.

I decided to play to my strengths. I agreed that I wasn’t the right person for what we need to accomplish in the time allotted. My natural inclinations and sensibilities weren’t what were needed to propel us to where we need to go. Instead, I stayed true to my strengths. I admitted that there are things I’m just not as good at as others. Shocker? Not to those others. But still, it’s easy to mentally register this as a failure. Why?

So I’ve taken a step back. And it feels good. It feels good to go back to what I’m good at. There will be time for improvement. There is always time for improvement. And plenty to improve upon. But there are times to let people with more apropos skills do the job. It’s part of knowing yourself, I think. To know when to trudge through the high-water and when to step back to the shore. For me, for now, it’s time to watch from the beach.

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