It’s All About Perspective 

There are basically two kinds of thinking. The divide isn’t as nice and shiny as I write about here but it’s a place to start.

One way is scientific. It is talk about things that are measurable, verifiable, falsifiable, and predictable. Most people are bored with this kind of stuff. 

The other way of thinking about things is with your gut. With feelings. With a sense of ‘but that’s not right!’ This is how we talk about important stuff like our kids and literature and politics and who is the greatest guitarist of all time. 

The problem that is not often identified is that the second way of thinking rarely offers measurable answers. This leads to all kinds of trouble from hurt feelings to religious wars.  Who is the greatest guitarist ever? It’s a fun but unanswerable question. How should you discipline your child? Which one? And for what? What where the circumstances? Things get even messier when we start talking about right and wrong. 

Think about this: why are most Indians Hindi? Why are most Americans Christian? Most Japanese Shinto or Buddhist? It’s perspective. It’s the prevailing thinking where they were born.  It’s the space that they fit into. Most people never look at these questions with a critical eye. Don’t feel badly about this. Our evolutionary past has molded us to be one of the group. It’s how we work. It’s how others work too. 

So be more understanding. Listen more to understand the backstory. Don’t be so quick to judge. Don’t assume someone is wrong because that have a different idea. From where I sit there very likely is no right or wrong. 

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