Do You Measure Life By Days? Hours?

GravestoneFor some people, life is so precious that they measure it in days. Maybe even by hours. Reese A. McCown lived for 40 years and eleven days. I wonder about those last eleven days. Where they different than the forty years already spent?

What if you knew that you had three years to live. That’s just under 1100 days. Doesn’t sound like much time to me. A thousand days. What would you do differently? What would you focus on? As much to the point – what parts of today are you frittering away just because you think you’ve got plenty of time to go?


Don’t get depressed. Depression is not the point. The point is engagement. The point is mindfulness. Gravestone2Just like with yesterday’s post on living life during the holidays, and not being a slave to whatever health routine you have, the point is to live your life. Don’t wait to let it happen. Don’t wait for it to get here on its own. Don’t wait for school or a car or your dad or a wife or having all your debts paid off to start living. Start living today.

Who knows how many hours you have left?



What do you think?

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