Hey all. I am consolidating a few sites into one and moved to a self-hosted site. I’m no longer publishing here at You Woke Up Breathing. Please come see me at The Dennis Mitton Library for all the same stuff plus plenty more. Avoir!

The best written novella ever?

If you forge ahead, you’ll learn that I ignore the sage advice of other successful writers to focus like a laser on your theme. I can’t do it. I have so much stuff crammed into my head, and such an urge to write, that I have to get it out. Readers? Bear with me.

I look for light and meaning in things, and find it mostly in Christianity, in fiction, and in science, in living a long, good life, and in the sound of a freshly sharpened plane iron shearing a paper-thin shaving of wood from a willow plank. And it’s always there in a hug or lean from my wife or children. I hope you’ll find something meaningful for you here.

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I write a lot and I read a lot. I’m combining several sites here because the plain work of maintaining three or four keeps me from writing.

For what it’s worth, I am from the PNW USA and am born of Slovak and Scottish peasant immigrants. I label myself an agnostic Christian. I very firmly believe that Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina is the greatest novel ever penned. My doctors tell me that, by any measure, I am a miraculously recovered Traumatic Brain Injury patient. To that, I say “Selah.”

I mostly avoid social media and do not normally write on any other site. Though I’ve published a good bit, I am not seeking to publish now outside this site. Maybe that will change one day. So, whatever I write, be it books, posts, or essays, they are for me and for you. That said, I’m happy for you to donate.

Neither do I do any affiliate marketing. I’ve tried, and, for me, the work isn’t worth the return. Either I have the wrong kind of site or the wrong kind of reader or am just too dopey to figure out marketing. All I know is that Jeff Bezos has made lots of money off me and keeps it. So, if you see something on my site and you want to read/play with it, you’ll have to buy it on your own, like we did in the old days.

If you want to get in touch with me for any reason, email at dennis.mitton@hotmail.com. I’m pretty nice and – as time allows – will get back to you.

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A few other things:

Why You Woke Up Breathing? Read here to see how I came up with the site name.

If you want to do something more than keep me in ink and guitar strings, here are three other things I support:

  1. Shepherd Brain and Spine Center in Atlanta, USA. I was a happy recipient of their care after a bike race training accident. Reported as one of the top five brain care centers in the world. Tremendous place and people. Worth any spare dime you have.
  2. My daughter, her husband, and her family are missionaries waiting for the pandemic to die off so they can move to the Philippines. They work with a group that sends young couples into many of the most remote reaches of the world to help with things like clean water and shelter. While there, they hope to establish a church. Even if you can’t give, they convet your support and prayers.
  3. I am a sucker for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. What kind of a world is it where parents can’t get their child necessary medical help because of cost? Not my kind of world.

ENJOY! And when you find something great, let a friend know! Because I gave up publishing, I count on readers to spread the word. Thanks for doing so!

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