I’m Dennis Mitton. I am a Christian, a coffeeist (doctors only let me drink decaf these days), a scientist, a writer, a father, and a husband. I am, sadly, no longer a son. I have been writing for most of my life. The first thing I remember writing was a twenty-page story about Johnny. I was eight or nine. Johnny was a Twainish kind of guy with a straw hat and overalls. No shoes. He lived on a farm and learned how to work on his dad’s tractor. By the time he was twenty, he stormed the world as a champion drag racer. Shows where my eight-year-old brain was: I loved reading, football, and fast cars. Not far from where I am now.

I write here about anything; sorry for the mess. I’m in love with fiction that tells big truth, truth not easily parsed by logic. 

I flatter myself saying that I suffer from the da Vinci Syndrome: I’m fascinated with almost everything. I call it the Good Life which, for me, centers on my Christianity and includes lots of books, fitness and hobbies, lifelong learning and improvement, and my wife’s head on my shoulder. Travel and food fit in there somewhere. I’m a proven breeder with seven children. My wife makes me a better human being. I run a slow 5k and am addicted to collecting tiny bits of glued paper used to deliver mail. I am a Seattlite, lost in heat-soaked South Carolina. I’m pretty sure my family pays for at least one Starbucks employee’s salary. My name spelled backward is ‘sinned’. I always think this is pretty funny.

If you’re wondering, everything on the site is yours for the taking and reading. I’ve published quite a bit through the years, but now I just want to write. Maybe that will change one day. I don’t do the socials and don’t publish anywhere else. I do frequent Goodreads and you can find me here.

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