Are You Incensed or Peeved? It’s Your Decision

Are you incensed or peeved? It's your decision.


Change Your Mind, Change Your Life?

Change Your Mind? I've wondered lately (here and here) about why people live with broken things. What do you have laying around? Broken appliances? A toaster with only one working slot? Clothes that don't fit? A cabinet drawer that doesn't slide? Why don't we take the time to fix these things? What would it take … Continue reading Change Your Mind, Change Your Life?

A tale of three smokers…

This post is about lightening up a little bit and getting to know yourself better. It's about me and two good friends. We all used to smoke. Not like a chimney or a vaper but smokers nonetheless. Truth is that few things in my life were as gloriously satisfying as a Marlboro Light. I looked … Continue reading A tale of three smokers…