Do You Measure Life By Days? Hours?

Do you measure life in years, days, or hours? It might make a difference.


The Holidays Are Here – Live It Up A Little

The holidays are here. Give yourself permission to live it up a bit.

Mr. Margaret Mead

Here's another story about interesting people who cloak themselves as your neighbors. Be on the watch and you just might find that the man or woman living next door to you is actually a fascinating human being. I worked in construction when I was young and was good at it. I loved craft and had … Continue reading Mr. Margaret Mead

The stupidity of boys – and men

I can't claim to be representative of all males but here's a quick story about just how stupid boys can be. I was maybe twelve and a voracious reader. I loved sports and sports stories and read a biography of the great football quarterback Johnny Unitas. I was fascinated to learn that he was blind … Continue reading The stupidity of boys – and men

Bugs, Big Data, and Beauty at home

I saw the first bug of the year today. Under the lamp outside our front door. The lamp is a faux colonial which burns out bulbs almost as fast as I can replace them. It glows more than illuminates but the animal world loves this dim beacon. I check it each morning when I leave the house … Continue reading Bugs, Big Data, and Beauty at home

Tolstoy, Mother Earth News, and Can’t We All Just Get Along?

First, an apology Sometimes, I think I should apologize to my friends and readers. Blogging wisdom tells authors to select a topic, write about it widely and deeply, and provide usable and shareable content for readers. And don't forget the SEO! Besides the brute fact that I hate the very concept of content there are … Continue reading Tolstoy, Mother Earth News, and Can’t We All Just Get Along?

C’mon folks – Slow down with a cool watch and an observation

A hippie hangover It’s no secret that I have a little bit of a hippie hangover. My wife does her best to scrape it off and dress me presentably but sometimes it still peeks out. This partly explains my fascination with the philosophy of slow. I live a pretty busy and technologically inclined life. I … Continue reading C’mon folks – Slow down with a cool watch and an observation

Good Gawd – read this book!

Book Review, The Snow Child, Eowyn Ivey Good gawd. What a glorious book. The story begins bleak and droning with bright cold punctuated by the briefest of flashes of pure joy. Mabel and Jack live lives of dark loss after Mabel births a stillborn child. They move from home in Pennsylvania to a homestead in … Continue reading Good Gawd – read this book!

Is Turmeric A Superfood?

I patently reject the idea of super foods or evil foods. There is no food or supplement on the planet that will catapult you to immediate superhealth nor is there any food, sans toxins or poisons, that will cause immediate disease. These are sales pitches meant to sell a product. So when Dave Asprey over … Continue reading Is Turmeric A Superfood?

Cooking at home – always better – even desserts!

  It is increasingly clear that food is the primary driver of health and there is hardly any one thing you can do to improve your health and relationship with food that is more valuable than cooking at home. Even foods that aren't quite as good for you, like the donuts shown here, are better … Continue reading Cooking at home – always better – even desserts!