Porsches, Vomit And Poop

Porsches, vomit, and Poop. They shouldn't mix in my world.


A tale of three smokers…

This post is about lightening up a little bit and getting to know yourself better. It's about me and two good friends. We all used to smoke. Not like a chimney or a vaper but smokers nonetheless. Truth is that few things in my life were as gloriously satisfying as a Marlboro Light. I looked … Continue reading A tale of three smokers…

Good news! Well, not really. Ignore the hype. 

Good news! We have a new sponsor! The good folks at DNA Repair Medical have agreed to offer reduced pricing to my readers for their exciting 4-butyl-colitchenase treatment for post-workout DNA repair. This product is extracted from a special lichen found on only three rocks in Russia! It is so special and unique that Putin's … Continue reading Good news! Well, not really. Ignore the hype. 

Memorial Day remembrance with photo

A few years ago, I was at a dinner party. A kid was there  - a kid to me - who was getting ready to leave for his first military tour in Afghanistan. He was ecstatic. He was a Marine, I think, and his job was to hover in a helicopter above the fray and … Continue reading Memorial Day remembrance with photo

Do it before the bad guys break in

I think about a lot of things when I run. Today I thought about the ring and necklace found sealed in a mug in the Auschwitz Museum that I mentioned yesterday. I'm a list junkie. I make lists just for the fun of crossing things off my lists. A few days ago, I was looking through … Continue reading Do it before the bad guys break in

Career Questions? Do You Have Options?

I didn't give graduate school much thought. I was doing research as an undergrad and had already received a grant for the work I was doing. I assumed all along that I would go to grad school and then set up a lab to do amazingly fantastic and exciting work. The drudgery of wet biology … Continue reading Career Questions? Do You Have Options?

In Defense of Food – Excellent Documentary on Sensible Eating

  If you think chugging a charcoal milkshake makes sense then you probably won't get much out of this post. If you chase after superfoods and avoid putatively cancer laden staples then you’re probably in the wrong place, too. There are plenty of sites that shill everything from charcoal to fermented who-knows-what that are more … Continue reading In Defense of Food – Excellent Documentary on Sensible Eating

Running, Avoiding Cars, and Staying Alive in South Carolina

A couple of decades ago, I lived in Vidalia, Georgia, which I still consider, in my most humble experience, to be the end of the world where all good things fall off the edge. I was racing bicycles at the time and out for a training ride. I didn’t see the vehicle but I could … Continue reading Running, Avoiding Cars, and Staying Alive in South Carolina

Good Gawd – read this book!

Book Review, The Snow Child, Eowyn Ivey Good gawd. What a glorious book. The story begins bleak and droning with bright cold punctuated by the briefest of flashes of pure joy. Mabel and Jack live lives of dark loss after Mabel births a stillborn child. They move from home in Pennsylvania to a homestead in … Continue reading Good Gawd – read this book!

Is Turmeric A Superfood?

I patently reject the idea of super foods or evil foods. There is no food or supplement on the planet that will catapult you to immediate superhealth nor is there any food, sans toxins or poisons, that will cause immediate disease. These are sales pitches meant to sell a product. So when Dave Asprey over … Continue reading Is Turmeric A Superfood?