In Defense of Food – Excellent Documentary on Sensible Eating

  If you think chugging a charcoal milkshake makes sense then you probably won't get much out of this post. If you chase after superfoods and avoid putatively cancer laden staples then you’re probably in the wrong place, too. There are plenty of sites that shill everything from charcoal to fermented who-knows-what that are more [...]

Cooking at home – always better – even desserts!

  It is increasingly clear that food is the primary driver of health and there is hardly any one thing you can do to improve your health and relationship with food that is more valuable than cooking at home. Even foods that aren't quite as good for you, like the donuts shown here, are better [...]

The purpose of food?

Unless you're French and believe that the primary purpose of food is pleasure there are two needs that food fulfills but only one is ever talked about.  If you read anything about food you know that carbs, proteins, and fats all power your body. Fight it out however you want. Dietary science continues to uphold [...]

Is picky eating a childhood disorder? Maybe. Probably not.

Picky eaters? I'm not worried. I have twin seven year-old girls. One girl eats - or will at least taste - most foods. She’s a pastanista, loves hot dogs, and happily munches on broccoli. The other girl is more picky. She has just recently expanded her repertoire of whole wheat waffles or pancakes with jam [...]

The Next Big Thing! Activated Charcoal. Save your money.

I was wrong. In my last post about science-based nutrition, I guessed that fermented mango rind would be the next pseudo-science superfood.  It was just a matter of putting three words together and making something up. That's basically the same formula supplement sales companies use. But an email from Dave Asprey - Bulletproof salesman extraordinaire [...]

Nutritional science or sales pitch? How-to guidelines.

Here's an actual conversation I overheard in our company break room: You have got to try this stuff. It's completely awesome. And scientific too! I spent like a week on the internet doing research. I'd never even heard of ketones before and now I'm drinkin' this stuff. I'm losing weight like crazy and I feel [...]