First Take Care of The Basics

Two stories to illustrate a point: The first is about a couple I met a few years ago. They were both overweight, smoked, ate poorly, were inactive, and, all niceties aside, were generally gross and slovenly. And happy as clams about their health. Why? Two reasons. One was that they had hooked up with a [...]

The purpose of food?

Unless you're French and believe that the primary purpose of food is pleasure there are two needs that food fulfills but only one is ever talked about.  If you read anything about food you know that carbs, proteins, and fats all power your body. Fight it out however you want. Dietary science continues to uphold [...]

The Next Big Thing! Activated Charcoal. Save your money.

I was wrong. In my last post about science-based nutrition, I guessed that fermented mango rind would be the next pseudo-science superfood.  It was just a matter of putting three words together and making something up. That's basically the same formula supplement sales companies use. But an email from Dave Asprey - Bulletproof salesman extraordinaire [...]

Clean up the junk – your brain will thank you for the peace of mind.

Sometimes what seems small brings great rewards. A few years ago we moved a couple hundred miles from our home near Seattle. We lived in a 3,500 square foot house and most rooms had plenty of overflow. The thought of moving everything was daunting so we got a little crazy and start selling stuff off [...]