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You can drink milk? You are evolving. Lactose intolerant? Blame your caveman genes…

Lactose1Most people are fascinated by the question of whether or not we are ‘still’ evolving. Of course, we are. Per one standard and basic definition, evolution is the change in allele frequency among populations. So you aren’t evolving – individuals don’t evolve – but every single time parents have a child the allele frequency within our population changes and evolution is taking place. In most cases, we don’t see this. Sometimes, as in the case of lactose tolerance, we do.

Top book review of the month: Book Review – Reset Your Child’s Brain, Dunckley

Most popular three posts so far this year?

Un:       Duty or privilege? Caring for your family: Knausgaard’s My Struggle Part 5

That this has become a longstanding favorite continues to surprise me.  It obviously touches a  nerve with many and my family has certainly dealt with family issues. I suspect that recognizing the angst of living through the kind of decisions that Knausgaard made makes this popular. I don’t like his decisions and, as I say in the post, the redeeming factor is that he has the courage to live transparently even when he knows that what he does will not be popular.

Deux: My writing set up – any advice?

Take a trip through any bookstore and it is clear that writing about writing is big business. I was surprised that this post would be as popular as it is. Feel free to comment or add to the ideas. It doesn’t precisely follow but I’ve since gone sans Windows and now use Linux (Ubuntu) exclusively. I’ll be setting up Scrivener in the future but for now am very happy with LibreOffice and writing directly into WordPress.

Trois:   Kreationist Korner – How to do science right – Neil Shubin and Tiktaalik

Neil Shubin and Tiktaalik

I love this entire story. It shows the incredible predictive power of science. I use it routinely to stick out my tongue at every creationist who claims that we can know nothing of the ancient past since we weren’t there. Shubin is an excellent writer and the story will carry all but the most science-phobic.

Book Review: Sublime or selfish? Sheldon Vanauken and A Severe Mercy

My most popular book review of the year is from an older book that was influential for me at the time it was published but now, in retrospect, I see the story as a little creepy and flawed. Have you ever had this experience with a book?

Top posts of all time? At least since the inception of My Selfish Gene…

Duty or privilege? Caring for your family: Knausgaard’s My Struggle Part 5 has taken over Kreationist Korner – If You Must – How to Speak to a Creationist  as my most popular read. Check them both out.