Did Vietnamese Children Ruin the Fabric Patch Industry?

Do you know what this is? It's a fabric patch. I'm using it to repair a butterfly net but it is made to repair holes in jeans or tears in shirts when you slip under a barbed-wire fence and catch your sleeve on one of the barbs because Rocky is chasing you with a big [...]

Are You A Writer? Bleed More.

Are you a writer? I used to be. Then I strayed. But I've come back. The final nail on the coffin of my wayward ways? Hills Like White Elephants. It's like this. I've been frustrated. I love to write. I write some fiction and lots of non-fiction. I like haiku and I enjoy writing blog [...]

What Do You Do With a Dead Body?

This got me thinking. I read that a true friend is someone who, when you show up at their door in the middle of the night, says nothing except "let me get my shovel." My first thought was a moral one. What have they done? Have they broken the law? What mother is crying right [...]