Want To Kill Stupid? Put It On The Stage.

You want to fight stupid? Don't put it in a box. Shine a light on it.


More On Perspective. Was Plato a Pompous Ass?

Years ago, back in the Stone Age, back when we believed in boys and girls, I presented a paper to my college classic philosophy class. It was for a kind of colloquium and several of us were presenting different views of Plato and feminism. I don't remember a word that I wrote but remember that … Continue reading More On Perspective. Was Plato a Pompous Ass?

We’re Not Slave Drivers, You Know!

I expected the seas to part. I absolutely expected lots of yelling. At the very least, I expected to be dragged to the truck by my ear. But Mom and Dad just looked at each other. They probably winked. “Fine.”

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life?

Change Your Mind? I've wondered lately (here and here) about why people live with broken things. What do you have laying around? Broken appliances? A toaster with only one working slot? Clothes that don't fit? A cabinet drawer that doesn't slide? Why don't we take the time to fix these things? What would it take … Continue reading Change Your Mind, Change Your Life?