Rules and Some Stuff

Be Who You Are

Let’s get this out of the way and it applies across the board: I don’t expect you to be anything or do anything or believe anything.


Abbreviating God

I say this because some readers find it grossly offensive. I write the word God with an abbreviation, as in G. The offense comes, apparently, from my not spelling out the name, and people interpreting that as offensive as if I find the word silly or unworthy. The opposite is true: I use the abbreviation exactly because, when talking about G, I feel like a bacterium in the gut of a fish in the deepest trench of the ocean discussing linear algebra with other bacteria and protists.  G appears so transcendent to me that I use the abbreviation out of recognition and reverence. I have no expectation of you to do the same. I mean, really, we’re basically wet bags of proteins. I hold whatever I believe in an open hand.




The rules are few and are summed up in a line: be a grown-up. It’s nice if you’re curious and inquisitive, but essential that you are kind and courteous.

I will happily ban you if you can’t find it in yourself to adhere to Rule One. I may ask you to tone the conversation down or I may just scratch your name.



Engage. It’s how we learn and how we teach and how we develop a community. Engaging doesn’t necessarily mean acceptance. It means that you are a human being, interested to know what others believe and why.

This is kind of self-evident, but if I write something, the opinion is mine, not necessarily yours. If you engage in any way, the opinion is yours. Natch.

I try, but struggle: keep comments short and pithy.

I usually simply delete a comment with an attached link or video. Please send it to me first so I can approve it. I only pay for so much bandwidth.

Please use your real name when commenting.

I’m generally pretty nice. In fact, I was moved from a job once because I was too much West Coast Denn which was not a compliment. However, I get to rule here and will do so at my pleasure.




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