Can you stand on one foot? With eyes closed?

One_footCan you stand on one foot? Easy, right?

Now try it with your eyes closed. You’ll probably tip over. Why?

Because you have no way to focus. When we need to balance, we instinctively focus in on something. A tree or a coffee table. It’s the same thing that dancers and ice skaters do in a spin. Focus on one spot, spin around, and come back to center.

Having a focal point gives an immediate response when we teeter.

Interesting thought for exercise and for life.


See what you want to by priming and focus.

pareisOne of my favorite movies (Paris, je t’aime – here at IMDb)  includes a short about a man who falls desperately in love with his wife on the day he intends to break up with her. He is having an affair and she has just learned that she has terminal cancer. They meet for lunch and as he prepares to tell his wife his secret she hands him a note and begins to cry. “Of course!” he thinks. “She must have known all along.” He reads the note from her doctor and his life comes back into focus. He sends a text to his girlfriend – “Forget me.” From that moment he devotes himself to his wife. He falls in love all over again with her quirks that had become annoying. She dies and he never forgets her in her favorite red coat.  Wherever he goes he sees women wearing a red coat and he is always startled.

Psychologists would say that he is fully primed to focus on a woman wearing red. What is interesting is that we can direct this priming by deciding what to focus on. Wayne Dyer wrote that he wakes up every morning and tells himself that no one is going to ruin his day for him. He purposefully sets a focus on enjoying the world on his own terms. What would you like to notice? You will find what you look for. More kindness? More optimism? Set you mind for what you want to see and be surprised at how much is around you.

So much of our daily life is the result of being pulled in directions that we don’t consciously choose. Take some time to reorient yourself through the day to focus on what you want. You’ll find a new sense of satisfaction as you walk through your day.

Paris, je t’aime.

(If you haven’t see it find yourself a copy of Paris, je t’aime. Twenty film makers are given five minutes each with each short woven into the movie. Some are funny. Some [the one with Juliette Binoche – ugh] are simply heartbreaking. It’s a marvelous movie that explores all sides of love and loss.)