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I wondered how to bring several blogs and forty years of essays together into one, especially with writing that covers everything from Scandinavian literature to evolutionary theory to Slovak stamps. Having such a wide variety of subjects goes against every piece of writing advice I’ve read for bloggers, but so be it: I write because I need to.

Charles Darwin’s office

Driving home from work one day, an idea hit me: a library. Exactly. Books of every sort, for every taste, from every kind of author. That’s what I’ve done here and, except for a couple of themes called out in the menu, everything else is here. The drop-down is a kind of card catalog for those who remember such archaic equipment that smelled of oak and lacquer.

I expect, as I go on, that the library will get more diverse as I dig up articles and papers from ages ago. I expect, too, that you will hate some things, and love others. I certainly do, and I wrote the stuff. But we change with time and age and with new ideas. Let’s give ourselves and others the freedom and forgiveness to be human.

Selah, enjoy, and peace be with you…

Sherlock Holmes’ writing desk. A thing of beauty.

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